Have you thought about how you would try to find your beloved pet in the event they became lost or separated from you? Personalized collars are always helpful, but can be removed or fall off over time. Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital recommends a permanent form of identification known as a microchip. A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and is inserted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades of your dog or cat. Each microchip has a unique code that will positively identify a pet when a scanner reads the chip of a found pet. Most veterinary clinics and humane societies check for microchips, so the odds of being reunited with a lost pet are much greater than collars and posting notices in your neighborhood.

You care too much for your pet to leave anything to chance, so leave the microchipping to Faithful Friends! Please call one of our caring staff members at 252-524-3384 and schedule an appointment to have your furry family member microchipped today.

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