Cat and Dog Allergies in Grifton, NC

Allergies can cause a lot of stress, frustration, and sleepless nights for both pets and their families. Cat and dog allergies often cause what is known as pruritus, or itchy skin, which is the result of the body’s overreaction to an allergen. Unfortunately, your pet can only respond in one way--scratching--and this can damage their fragile skin barrier.

At Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, we are known and trusted for our ability to treat allergies and various skin disorders in dogs and cats. We know how uncomfortable these conditions can be for pets, and how difficult they can be to handle for their owners. With compassion and persistence, we can find the cause of your pet’s allergies and help them find the relief they (and you) deserve.

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Signs Your Pet Might Have an Allergy -and Needs to See the Vet

For busy pet parents, it isn’t always easy to tell if your pet is looking or behaving differently than usual. These are some of the more common signs and symptoms of pet allergies and skin disorders, which should be addressed by a veterinarian as soon as possible:

  • Red, inflamed ears and skin
  • Persistent chewing and licking of the paws, causing hair loss between the toes
  • Hair loss on other parts of the body
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Skin and ears give off a strong, unpleasant odor
  • Sneezing
  • Discharge from the eyes and nose
  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting (food sensitivity)
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Your Pet’s Treatment Options

Before we can select a treatment plan for your pet, Dr. Heath will need to find out what’s causing your pet’s symptoms. Skin disorders can often be traced back to allergies, but occasionally, a skin disorder could also be the result of a fungal infection, like ringworm (which is highly contagious).

Once we have examined your pet and done the necessary diagnostics to get the answers we need, we can take the next step and consider treatment options. Relieving your pet’s itchy skin, helping their skin heal, and reducing the severity and frequency of flareups in the future are the goals we aim to achieve with their treatment. We can’t eliminate the allergy permanently, but we can make it much more manageable for you and your pet.

Some of our testing and treatment options for dogs and cats include:

  • Allergy testing
  • Food trials
  • Compounding medications
  • Transdermal medication
  • Injectable anti-itch medication
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Antifungals
  • Antibiotics to treat skin infectios
  • …and more

We offer a wide variety of pet allergy treatment options because we know that every pet is unique and may respond differently to treatment.

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