Work with Us! Veterinary Career Opportunities in Grifton, NC

Team Member With Two Small Dogs

Dedicated to helping others. Deep, heartfelt respect for the human-animal bond and veterinarian-client-patient relationship. Commitment to the highest-quality veterinary care regardless of circumstances. Does this sound like you? Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital is always on the lookout for skilled, compassionate, hard-working people to join our team.

Take a look at our available job positions and send us a copy of your resume if you are interested in applying. We're always looking for candidates, so please email your resume to!

Job Descriptions

Client Service Rep

The purpose of this position is to serve as Client Service Rep at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, to perform record keeping duties, to perform clerical duties related to patient care and treatment, and to provide miscellaneous support to the veterinary practice manager and healthcare team. These service functions include, but are not limited to, reception (visitor and telephone), maintenance of veterinary medical records, accounts maintenance, cash processing, data entry, word processing and mail service. This position requires a practical knowledge of hospital organization and services, the basic rules and regulations governing visitors and animal patient treatment and a practical knowledge of the standard procedures, veterinary records and terminology used in the hospital. Regular attendance and timeliness are an essential function to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician assists the doctors to the fullest possible extent, to help improve the quality of care given to the patients, and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital. The Veterinary Technician assists in multiple procedures providing care for animals including physical examinations, dental procedures, surgeries, immunizations, euthanasia as well as client education, marketing and inventory maintenance. This position requires a working knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, common diseases; their symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention, and other basic preventative health care recommendations.  This is an overview of the position and the job responsibilities listed do not encompass the entire position.

Veterinary Assistant

The Veterinary Assistant assists the veterinarians and technicians with patient care and treatment, monitors hospitalized pets, maintains inventory, prepares prescriptions, performs routine in-house laboratory work, educates clients regarding veterinary care and procedures, and assists with surgical procedures at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital. The Veterinary Assistant uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments independently without specific instructions, but refers deviations, problems, and unfamiliar situations not covered by instructions to the practitioner for decision or help. The practitioners assure that finished work and methods used are technically accurate and in compliance with instructions or established procedures.  Review of the work increases with more difficult assignments, if the Veterinary Assistant has not previously performed similar assignments.


Kennel Assistant

The Kennel Assistant provides for the care and basic needs of the animals that are being groomed, boarded or are patients of Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, including cleaning of cages, runs and ward areas, laundry, walking, and proper feeding, medicating and care of all hospitalized patients.

Available Positions

Social Media/Marketing Manager

  • Job Objectives: The Social Media/Marketing Manager directs, plans, and coordinates a variety of marketing/social media functions that are related to communication between Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, the healthcare team, our clients, and the community in which we live.
  • These functions include, but are not limited to, development and setup of social media sites, research of both “hot button topics” and “most google searched or requested doctor chats” for client education, monthly newsletters, blog ideas, YouTube Videos, content creation, brand stewardship and to follow up on any and all community interaction at each of the social media sites hereto affiliated with Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital.
  • The Social Media/Marketing Manager would also be responsible for our referral program. This program is currently a part of our FFVH app. We like to thank our clients that refer new clients to us with rewards that show them our appreciation. Developing and continuing this program so that new clients are a mainstay of FFVH is a crucial part of the Marketing and Media Manager.


  • Effectively apply strategic account and management processes through organizing and communicating with the general public, building confidence in Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital and its services. Sets the tone for the practice as we build and maintain each customer’s trust and confidence in our abilities.
  • Combine client service excellence with sales skills to develop the relationships we have with our clients, as well as positively impact our business.
  • Establish marketing goals in accordance with identified strategies and goals to ensure Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital maximum market share.
  • Develop and execute marketing plans and programs, both short and long range, through a clear understanding of market needs, client expectation and consistent service delivery.
  • Research, analyze, and monitor financial, technological, and demographic factors so that market opportunities may be capitalized on and the effects of competitive activity may be minimized.
  • Plan and oversee advertising and promotional activities including print, social media and direct mail.
  • Develop a marketing plan to generate growth.
  • Create a comprehensive social media strategy to define programs that use social media marketing techniques to increase visibility in the community.
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, market reports and applications to appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of all aspects of social media at The Pet Experts.
  • Manage and integrate social content (Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  • Produce blog updates, online posts, newsletters to promote the practice to the community, featuring new content on an agreed upon schedule.
  • Find ways to improve the client and community experience to make it more pleasurable and make sure the practice is exceeding clients’ expectations.
  • Ensure effective control of marketing results and that corrective action takes place to be certain that the achievement of marketing objectives is within designated budgets.
  • Prepare marketing activity reports and track marketing results.
  • Ensure brand messages are consistent.
  • Prepare marketing budget for FFVH.
  • Organize Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital newsletter that can be sent out to clients.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Skills Required:

  • STRONG COMMUNICATION SKILLS: such as: spelling, grammer, punctuation, excellent telephone skills, team-player, outgoing personality, organized, professional at all times, self-motivated,

Skills Preferred:

  • Veterinary Knowledge gained from at least one full year of working in a Veterinary Hospital
  • Marketing: College course, on the job experience, degree, etc…
  • Ability to Multi-Task is crucial
  • Ability to Learn New Information and Process that information and then teach it to others.
  • Good Leadership Skills
  • Critical Thinking and possess good judgment
  • Ability to perform online research

Education and Experience:

  • Experience in social media tools and techniques
  • Experience in marketing
  • Previous veterinary experience preferred

Position type and expected hours of work:

Full or Part-Time

10 hour Shifts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Wednesdays and Weekends off

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Don’t you want to be a part of something bigger than the almighty dollar? Don’t you want your job and career to have purpose and a greater meaning than just numbers? Are you looking for something different? Less traffic, less crime, lower cost of living...Are you tired of never having personal time during the week??  Would you rather have a 4-day work week and weekends off???

Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital offers all of this and more!  We are currently seeking the perfect addition to our family—Customer Service Representative (CSR) working with the best clients and fur babies in the area!  Responsibilities of our CSR will be the welcoming voice and face of our Hospital.  Veterinary experience is a plus but we love to train!  Come learn and grow with us where it more than just a job…it’s a passion!

What your future teammates have to say about FFVH:
Literally the best teammates any employee could ask for! The hours are awesome. And our course our perfect furry patients. And our Boss is the Boss, but everyday she stands shoulder to shoulder with us as a teammate!

  • Wonderful teammates and a great boss that makes work fun! And the great hours as well! Plus the nicest clients and their sweetest little fur babies that come in!
  • I love working at FFVH because it’s more than just a job.... it’s a passion. I’m passionate about the services we provide to our patients and the knowledge we cater for our clients. Our entire team is passionate about everyone that walks in the doors as well as each other. It’s more than a job, it’s a family!
  • Going to Faithful Friends does not feel like going to work. It is more like going to an event, like a fundraiser, with a group of your friends, where you work really hard, for an awesome cause. The day goes by so fast. You are exhausted when it is all over. But at the end of the day, you walk out of there with a feeling of accomplishment knowing you and your friends made a difference today; and for the majority of the time you had an absolute blast doing it together.

If you are ready to truly make a difference and would like to learn more about this or other opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to

Exam Room Assistant

Our Fear Free Award Winning State of the Art Hospital is seeking to complement our happy no drama team (family) with an additional smile each day. We are seeking an applicant that is both compassionate for animals and people. We are only interested in team members that are applying because they feel called to do this work. Working in a spectacular animal hospital, making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners is not only a career path but a joy and a privilege to do everyday. We are seeking someone with motivation, initiative, integrity, and a great sense of humor. We would prefer someone with at least two years of experience in an ANIMAL HOSPITAL, data entry and medical chart notation with Cornerstone, good phlebotomy skills, excellent laboratory procedures with Idexx in-house and send-out labs, RESTRAINT of all sizes of cats and dogs (the nice ones and the land-sharks), a good foundation of canine and feline basic diseases, viruses, parasites, vaccinations, and flea and heartworm preventative. Any applicant MUST HAVE SUPERB COMMUNICATION SKILLS: with clients, other staff members and doctors. Faithful Friends offers a four day work week with no emergency or weekend hours except on a very rare occasion. We offer excellent benefits such as: sick leave, vacation, healthcare stipend, full set of uniforms, and competitive wages. If Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital sounds like a place you could see yourself enjoying coming to work, then please contact Janice our Office Manager at with your most recent resume and we can send you an application. We look forward to meeting you.