Alternative Medicine and/or Complementary Therapies

Pets, like people, can suffer from a variety of debilitating chronic, degenerative conditions. Treatment options can sometimes be limited, focusing on alleviating symptoms through the use of pain medication and other conventional means. At Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, we offer additional options in the form of alternative therapeutic medicine.

Complementary or alternative veterinary therapies have increased the success rate of post-operative recovery as well as cases involving degenerative spine issues, neurologic disc problems, hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligament injuries. The aim of alternative veterinary medicine is to heal your pet using a whole-body, or holistic, approach. Complementary therapies treat your pet’s condition by addressing the root cause of the disease while keeping you actively involved in your pet’s treatment.

Dr. Heath takes the oath “to first do no harm” very seriously. She always looks for ways to promote healing and help her patients forego unnecessary suffering. Healing goes beyond the treatment of physical ailments; Dr. Heath makes sure the human-animal bond remains intact between the pet, the pet parent, the veterinarian, and the rest of the veterinary team. This is why she will occasionally work together with pet parents to adopt alternative medicine that complements the patient’s existing treatment plan, and yields better outcomes for the pet.

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Alternative Medicine Therapies We Offer

Below are some of the alternative medicine therapies we offer at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital.

Laser therapy has truly elevated the quality of affordable care for our pet patients. The functionality of pet laser therapy is based on the properties of light. Specifically, laser therapy makes it possible to concentrate and transfer a very high quantity of energy on a specific surface. The body transforms this energy into chemical energy through cellular mechanisms. This chemical energy is essential to carrying out daily biological functions in a shorter timespan and with very high efficacy. This process translates into reduced healing time for the pet, who will see the benefits of laser therapy through the following effects:

  • A decrease in pain
  • A decrease in inflammation and swelling
  • Faster/shorter recovery time
  • Increased blood circulation

The K-Laser Cube VET device has proven highly effective at treating severe and chronic pain, accelerating the healing of muscle-tendon and post-traumatic pathologies. This device also offers an ideal solution in post-surgical rehabilitation, and in rehabilitative therapy treatments. K-Laser Dynamic therapy uses several pulse frequencies to produce a combination analgesia, inflammation reduction, biostimulation, and antimicrobial effect. This accelerates the regeneration of tissues and increases cellular energy.

VetriScience® uses well-researched ingredients in products that have beneficial levels of active ingredients. Through studies and scientific research, VetriScience® has developed many products and formulas clinically proven to improve a pet’s dental health, reduce stress, and increase hind leg strength.

Fluorescent light therapy allows us to heal wounds with the speed of light. Dr. Heath can use this treatment to heal aggressive wounds up to twice as fast, simply using light to allow for natural skin regeneration through multiple skin layers with minimal use of antibiotics. We always aim to use antibiotics as prudently as possible in the care of our patients.

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) therapy involves the use of electromagnetic waves, targeted at specific frequencies, to stimulate an animal’s natural recovery process. The clinically proven, peer-reviewed tPEMF technology used in our Assisi LOOP® and Calmer Canine® products is a safe, drug-free alternative for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even behavioral disorders.