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Pets bring light into our lives, providing companionship and comfort beyond measure. Their love and devotion truly make a difference, and at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, we seek to make a difference in their lives, and yours, by lovingly providing progressive and trusted medicine to support them through the years and strengthen the special bond you share.

Veterinarian Dr. Ivy Heath founded Faithful Friends in order to bring a much-needed higher standard of veterinary care to the community. She believes in fighting for your pet and being wholly responsible for their health care, while also educating and empowering you to understand your pet’s needs. Since our founding, we have had the pleasure of welcoming countless wonderful pets and people into our practice, and we look forward to welcoming you and your pet, too.

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December 2022

Meet Dr. Ivy Heath

With determination and a desire to make a difference in her community, Dr. Heath built Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital from the bottom up in April 2008. Before she arrived in Grifton, veterinary medicine was providing the bare minimum for area dogs and cats. Dr. Heath felt there was a distinct lack of focus on the veterinarian-client-patient relationship, and pet parents weren’t receiving the education they needed to give their animal companions the best life possible.

For Dr. Heath, building up and preserving the bond between people and their pets is paramount. Meet her and the rest of her amazing team!

Serving You and Your Pet with a Lifetime of Heartfelt Care

Our veterinary services reflect the very high standards we have set for our animal hospital, and which we believe our community wholly deserves.

These services include:

Dermatology & Allergies

Skin disorders, ear infections, and allergies are issues we treat often and well. Dr. Heath and her team explore all possible options and regularly think outside the box to help pets find relief from their condition. We offer advanced dermatology diagnostics, including environmental and food allergy testing.

We can provide better care to your pet when we see them on a routine basis. Pet exams, vaccinations, and blood work are essential to every proactive, preventive health care plan. We also provide in-depth behavior counseling, internal medicine, and multi-modal pain management.

Teeth Cleaning

“Dog breath” is not normal for any pet and could indicate dental disease. Luckily, we can help your pet avoid dental disease with a tailored dental care program that includes routine teeth cleanings and teeth brushing. We're always happy to help and keep the bond between you and your pet as strong as ever.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking to grow our hospital, and you can grow with us by becoming a part of our veterinary team. Apply with us today!