Cat and Dog Surgery in Grifton, NC

Small Dog With Cone

Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital brings state-of-the-art surgical practices and technology to the Grifton, NC area, and we follow the latest protocols to ensure your pet’s safety. In addition to our surgical equipment, we also use advanced diagnostic tools and monitoring units--not unlike what you would find in a human hospital.

Our veterinary team always makes your pet’s care and safety a priority, and we’ll assess them before their surgery to minimize risk as much as possible. Every cat and dog surgery has its share of risks, and this can make surgery a stressful ordeal for pet parents. If and when you have questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

Do you need to schedule a surgery for your pet? Have questions related to their recovery? Give us a call at (252) 524-3384!

Preparing Your Pet for a Safe Surgery

Every dog and cat that comes to us for surgery is carefully examined and evaluated prior to their procedure. We highly recommend blood work, which can alert us to any issues of the liver or kidneys, and show us your pet’s current blood chemistry levels, red and white blood cell counts, and platelet levels. If any of your pet’s test results are abnormal, we might decide to postpone their surgery until their condition improves.

In-Depth Monitoring

During surgery, your pet will be closely monitored by a skilled technician. We use cutting-edge equipment to monitor your pet’s vital signs, including their oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and more.

Pet Pain Management

Discomfort is to be expected for your pet when they come out of surgery, but we do all we can to minimize it. We administer pain preventative medication to your pet before surgery and during as necessary, and can also send you and your pet home with pain medications if needed. If your pet seems to be in pain at any time while they’re recovering at home, please let us know right away.

Dr. Ivy Heath is able to perform a wide variety of surgeries for dogs and cats, from spays and neuters to orthopedics. Call (252) 524-3384 to schedule an appointment today.