Protecting and Nurturing the Bond

When we say that we are “Healing the Bond: One Paw, One Hand, One Heart…at a Time,” we want you to know that the love you share with your “Faithful Friend” is sacred to us.

At Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital, we devote ourselves to building and nurturing the human-animal bond. This bond is something genuinely special, but it can also be fragile. With veterinary medicine, the necessity of treatment often takes priority over this bond, which can be tested if the animal shows any resistance to medical care. Putting all the responsibility on owners can be especially detrimental to the bond if they feel they have to force their pet to take their pills, get their ears cleaned, or receive some other treatment that causes them stress.

We believe that there is a better way to care for pets without compromising the human-animal bond. Our goal is to give your pet the best treatment possible in a low-stress environment that increases their trust. We are focused on relationships first and foremost, and keeping those relationships strong and healthy for a lifetime. Pet parents choose us to oversee their pets’ care, and with that responsibility, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Since 2007, our hospital has developed into a strong, referral-based clinic. Many of Dr. Heath’s clients come to her frustrated, discouraged, and often hopeless, wanting answers about their pet’s health or illness. Sometimes they come to us because they cannot afford to see a specialist; regardless, they still desire the very best care for their loved ones. Dr. Heath is uniquely persistent in her pursuit of solutions to her patients’ problems, and will stop at nothing to ensure that you and your companion get to spend as many happy years together as possible.

Black And White Collie Laying Down Grifton, Nc