Just like people, the medical needs of our furry family members change over time. Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital has wellness programs available for your pet, regardless of their current age.

Puppies and kittens must be vaccinated, and this is one of the cornerstones of the young wellness program a Faithful Friends. Heartworm and flea prevention are also discussed and prescribed for young animals at our hospital. Oral health will also be discussed with owners of young pets to keep their teeth and gums healthy as they continue to grow. Finally, Dr. Heath recommends spaying or neutering for all pets that will not be used for breeding purposes. Sterilization not only prevents unwanted litters, but can also prevent certain types of reproductive cancers as pets begin to age.

Adult pet wellness visits at Faithful Friends include updating vaccinations as necessary, as well as continued dental care. Blood work is recommended for healthy adult pets to establish a clinical baseline for organ function, and blood counts, and to potentially uncover early onset of disease.

Uncovering illness while they are in early stages can usually be treated much more effectively than discovering them after they have had time to develop. For this reason, Dr. Ivy Heath recommends all senior pets have health screens for early disease detection. The age a pet is considered “senior” can vary from dogs and cats and from breed to breed. Typically larger breeds of dogs and cats begin to have health issues earlier than smaller animals, and should begin screening earlier than smaller pets.

Dr. Ivy Heath and her staff will be there for you and your pet from the time they are young, as well as through their later years. Please call one of our caring professionals at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital at 252-524-3384 to schedule a wellness screening for your pet.

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