One of the most important diagnostic tools in any veterinary hospital is an x-ray system. Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the latest in radiography with our digital x-ray unit. A digital x-ray system has many benefits for your pets over the traditional film units. Processing film takes time, often as long as 15-20 minutes. The radiography unit at Faithful Friends generates images in as few as 6 seconds, meaning Dr. Heath can begin treatment of a pet immediately. Older film x-rays may also be difficult to read, yet our digital system can have the images manipulated to insure their clarity for our doctor. In the unlikely event a film requires a specialist, the digital system at Faithful Friends can email an x-ray image directly to a veterinary radiologist, as opposed to the need to transport a film image, which can also mean faster treatment for a needy pet.

The clients at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital have come to expect the safest and most advanced tools for their pets, and x-rays are no exception. Join the family at Faithful Friends by scheduling an appointment for your pet at (252) 524-3384!

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