Does your pet constantly scratch themselves? Scratching that causes wounds or hair loss may be an allergic condition, potentially caused by food, fleas, atopic dermatitis, or contact allergens such as dust or pollen. Dr. Ivy Heath and her caring staff have years of experience in diagnosing and treating itchy pets, and they can help your pet as well.

In the past, it was difficult in determining the cause of itching in pets, and there were few solutions. Fortunately, veterinary medicine has greatly progressed, and Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital has kept up with the pace in veterinary dermatology. Dr. Heath has the ability to conduct allergy testing, and can often determine what may be causing your pet to itch. Food allergy testing can also be done, in the event your pet is suffering from an allergy related to their diet. Finally, Faithful Friends has the safest and most effective treatments available to treat your itching pet. Our canine friends have a new daily pill that is much safer for long-term use than older treatments, and allergy shots known as immunotherapy is also available at our hospital. Finally, medicated bathes and shampoos to soothe and treat your pet’s skin are also offered at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital.

If your pet is uncomfortable due to itching, Dr. Heath can help! Please call one of our caring professionals at (252) 524-3384 and schedule your pet’s appointment at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital.

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