Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital offers rehabilitation services for pets that have experienced trauma, major surgery, or disease that may have caused pain or limited movement. Dr. Ivy Heath’s goal with her rehab patients is to maximize each pet’s range of motion and abilities, while minimizing pain associated with their illness or trauma.

Dr. Heath has a number of preferred methods of working to restore an animal as closely as possible to their previous state. Laser therapy is available at Faithful Friends, which is an excellent drug-free option that can facilitate healing while limiting pain associated with injury. Thermotherapy introduces heat or cold to an affected area of the body, and is also utilized by Dr. Heath for rehabilitation where appropriate. Active exercise encourages mobility and healing just as it does in people, and is another popular method of rehabilitation found at Faithful Friends.

If your pet experiences a difficult injury or has a disease or illness that may lead to pain and lack of mobility, veterinary rehabilitation may be right for them. Have your pet evaluated by our compassionate veterinarian by calling Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital at 252-524-3384.

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