Skin issues are common in pets across the country, and are frequently seen in Grifton, North Carolina and throughout the surrounding areas. Dr. Ivy Heath has years of experience in caring for animals with allergic conditions, and she will bring this same level of care to your furry family member. In the past, treatment for skin conditions was limited to bathing and steroids. Fortunately Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital has incorporated a safe and effective method of allergy treatment known as immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy for pets is similar to “allergy shots” administered to people, in that a serum is created for the pet from the allergen which affects the animal. The serum is then injected under the skin to help your pet develop a tolerance against whatever has been causing the allergic reaction. Over time, many pet companions become resistant to the allergen, and can experience relief from the itching caused by the allergy.

Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital always stays on the cutting edge of safe and effective solutions for your furry family members, and immunotherapy for allergies is no exception. If you feel your pet may have an allergic condition, schedule an appointment with Faithful Friends to have them evaluated by our caring veterinarian, Dr. Ivy Heath.

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