Heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all fifty states, but is especially prevalent in the southeast portion of the United States. Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital can determine whether your dog has heartworm disease in the Grifton, North Carolina area, and can also offer your furry friend the best in heartworm preventative medicine.

Heartworms are transmitted when an infected mosquito bites a dog or a cat, and immature heartworms migrate into the body of the animal. These immature larvae develop into mature heartworms which can cause permanent damage and even death in both canines, as well as felines. Appropriately named, the heartworms often grow into adulthood in the hearts of our pets. When significant amounts of them are present in the heart, blockage and damage can often occur, which causes harm and can even kill our faithful friends.

At Faithful Friends, our caring doctor Ivy Heath can help determine whether or not your dog may have heartworm disease by conducting a blood test. Dr. Heath can often diagnose heartworm disease while you wait with your pet. If your furry friend is heartworm positive, treatment options will be discussed with you. Heartworm negative pets should be prescribed a monthly heartworm preventative product, which can conveniently be purchased at Faithful Friends.

Please remember that heartworm prevention is always less expensive and more effective that having to treat heartworm disease in your pet. Dr. Ivy Heath and her compassionate staff can work with you to determine whether your pet may benefit most from an oral, topical or injectable heartworm preventative. Dr. Heath and her staff have protected hundreds of loving pets in the Grifton area, and they will be this same level of expertise to your pet. Please call (252) 524-3384 to schedule a heartworm test for your furry family member today.

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