One of the most important health care considerations for your pet is their dental hygiene. An animal receiving regular care for their teeth by a veterinarian and at home can live as much as 25% longer than pets that do not have dental care. Our furry family members will have many of the same issues as people with dental care, including bad breath, painful teeth and gums, tooth decay and tooth loss. Left untreated, bacteria in the mouth can cause harm to your pet’s heart liver and kidneys.

Do you suspect your pet may be suffering from periodontal issues? Some of the signs include:

  • »Bad breath
  • »Discolored or loose teeth
  • »Loss of appetite, and ultimately loss of weight

Dr. Ivy Heath has many years of successful veterinary dental care, and she will bring the same high level of care to your pet as well. Periodontal disease can begin to appear in both dogs and cats as young as one year of age, and she recommends bringing your pet in as early as possible for an oral exam. Dr. Heath and her caring staff can show you proper techniques for caring for your pet’s teeth at home, as well as make recommendations on a proper diet for their oral health. Regardless of your pet’s age or previous dental care, the professionals at Faithful Friends Veterinary Hospital are ready to assist your furry family member. Call one of our compassionate team members at (252) 524-3384 today!

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